First off...

Feel free to donate to me! It ain't required or nothing, but I'd greatly appreciate it!



Sketch: $20.00 (starting price)

Extra character: +$5.00

Color: $40.00 (starting price)

Extra character: $7.00

Background: $10.00 ~ $20.00

Posters: $100.00 (starting price)

DM regarding complexity and additions!

Additional offers (price varies)

Stickers: $20.00 for one, $5.00 after

Animated Stickers: $35.00 for one, $10.00 after

Icons: $25.00, price may vary

Rules to keep in mind!

1.) Payments are done before hand, and are done through PayPal!

2.) No NSFW art please!

3.) Do NOT resell, edit, or print my work please!

Contact to purchase!

You can contact me through... :

Discord ... jevilhumor#2931

Twitter ... @jevilhumor

I'm looking forward to working for you!

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